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Panoramic photography is a technique that allows photographers to capture an expanded view of a scene, showcasing a wide-angle perspective that cannot be fully captured in a single photograph. It involves capturing multiple images and combining them seamlessly to create a panoramic image.

Coupled with Fine Art Lightpainting we can produce an all round sharp image encompassing a foreground object and the night sky.

Transfers to and from the Historic Brayshaw's Homestead and Westerman Homestead located in the dark skies of Namadgi National Park, here we will teach 

Fine Art Lightpainting and Low level lighting

How to Set up your Equipment

Set up your camera and choosing the right lens

Choose the shooting direction

How to overlap images

Rotating the camera

Capturing additional rows

1 hour online tutorial on how to process the images taken on the night, save and share in the suitable format and resolution.

The location of Westermans hut is approx 1km from the road and will require participants to walk to the location.

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